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Your Parent Association App

Save Time and Make Money


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School Trader

Buy/Sell and Donate Uniforms/Tech or General Items Safely

Event Management

Invite and Track RSVP's to school events

Volunteer Portal

Request for and find volunteers with the push of a button

School Shop

List and Sell Items for sale in the Schoolink Shop

Advertising Revenue

Receive Advertising Revenue from Local Businesses


Advertise Products and Specials Directly to the School Community

Business ROI

Cutting Edge Local Targeted Marketing Platform

Increased Sales

Increase Sales with Loyal Local Customers

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    What is Schoolink?

    Students • Parents • School Staff • Community

    Schoolink is your very own virtual volunteer.  Schoolink will save your school or parents association time and make them money.   
    Schoolink will run your second-hand store, co-ordinate your fundraising, set up your school shop, send updates directly to the phones of your school community and receive and promote the products and services of the local school businesses.    
    Watch the video and register your school today to start saving time, and making money. Schoolink – Better. Together!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Schoolink for?

    Schoolink is a community app. Schoolink is for Schools, Parent Associations, Local Businesses and Families.

    How will Schoolink benefit my school and community?

    Schoolink will take care of some of the tasks traditionally handled by school volunteers. Shop Sales, Money Management, Volunteer, Second Hand Stores, Volunteer Requests and Management. 

    My School already has an App. Why do we need Schoolink?

    Schoolink is not intended to take the place of your School App. Schoolink assists with the tasks traditionally undertaken by a Parent Association to help bring the community together.

    What does Schoolink cost my School?

    Schoolink is Free for Schools, Parent Associations and Families.

    Why would a business sponsor a school?

    Local Targeted Marketing is the most effective means of community engagement which results in a loyal customer base. This loyal customer base snowballs into organic growth through referrals and testimonials. Best of all, most of the sponsorship revenue goes directly to the school/s that you are supporting.

    What are the advertising package options?

    Schoolink has a range of sponsorship packages starting at $75.00 per month. Depending on the package you select, you may have an exclusive advertising platform AND be able to send notifications directly to the phones of the school community. Most of the advertising revenue goes directly to the school that you are supporting.

    Are there any special offers for advertising?

    All businesses that register as a sponsor for their school, will receive the first 3 months free on a 12-month subscription. This offer is valid until 28th February 2019.

    How can I get my local school to use Schoolink?

    You could share our website, tag and share with other families on social media, email your local school or ask us to contact them on your behalf to let them know that there are some local businesses that would like to sponsor their school. 
    You support the business that supports your school. 

    Schoolink • Better • Together


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